Air Conditioning Maintenance

Tampa, Brandon, Lakeland, and Riverview are four very unique cities, each with their own distinct history and population. What do they have in common? Long, hot summers. Cool Now can keep your air conditioner cool and in good working order with exceptional, competitively priced maintenance and service for air conditioners of all sizes. Whether you are looking for routine maintenance that you simply don’t have the time for, a customized tune up or an emergency repair, Cool Now can cover all of your residential and commercial air conditioning and HVAC equipment.

Some of the many different types of equipment we service include:

  • Air Conditioners Capacitors Compressors
  • Fans Air Blowers Heat Pumps
  • Duct Systems Condensers Air Handlers

For many people and businesses, one of the most expensive appliances for the home or office is the air conditioning system. If you think of the air conditioning system as an investment, then it only makes sense to protect it with the best maintenance company. Routine maintenance keeps your air conditioner running smoothly, saves money on repairs and grows your investment as the life of your air conditioning system is increased. Year over year, the money you save on not purchasing a new system, will more than make up for the cost of any maintenance plan. At Cool Now, our certified technicians cover all of the necessary maintenance services for all the major air conditioner manufacturers. A full range of services including repair, disinfecting, inspection, monitoring, cleaning, lubrication, measurements, estimates and diagnostics.

Just like any other complex machinery, air conditioning systems require skilled professionals in order to avoid expensive and, in some cases, unnecessary repairs. An efficient air conditioner will keep you cool while keep your wallet full! Our skilled technicians are punctual and polite. Once they arrive they’ll utilize the latest diagnostic equipment, combined with their years of on the job know-how, to fine tune your equipment. Regardless of the nature of your call, our service professionals can also provide a wide-ranging, thorough inspection that will address any current or potential problem with your equipment. Simple service calls like this have been proven effective in extending the life of air conditioning systems for years and are usually very affordable.

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Don’t forget to ask our trained professionals about special promotions we may be running or discounts you may be eligible for. Our vision is to service and repair your equipment as needed to keep your air conditioner running smoothly. Scheduled maintenance will also reduce the risk of major repairs or costly system replacement. Don’t leave any aspect of your air conditioning system to chance. Let Cool Now test your ducts, blowers and return air systems, clean your filters and fine tune your fans.

See immediate results like:

  • Saving money
  • Conserving energy
  • Keeping cool

Even if money is no object there are other reasons for keeping your air conditioning system in peak form. Three fourths of contagious pathogens are transmitted through the air. And what stands between you and the air you breathe? Your air conditioning system. Protect your peace of mind as much as your monetary investment by having routine maintenance performed. As any Floridian knows, we are a state rich in pollen, heat and humidity: three of the worst enemies of an air conditioning system. Do yourself a favor and make a reservation with Cool Now today! We service homes and businesses throughout Tampa, Brandon, Lakeland, Zephyrhills, Riverview, and surrounding areas, including the beaches.

We know your time is valuable, that’s why Cool Now technicians will have your air conditioning system tuned up quickly, usually in just a few hours. If you want air that is cool, clean and clear, then you want Cool Now!

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