How Annual HVAC Maintenance Saves You Money

If you’re not scheduling annual HVAC maintenance calls, you’re probably missing out on some opportunities for savings. These visits may seem unnecessary, especially if your unit seems to be working as it should, but having your AC checked every year could save you thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime. Here’s how.

Even Small Problems Create Inefficiencies

Even though it may seem as if your HVAC unit is right on target when it comes to keeping your home comfortable, the truth is that even a slight problem could be increasing your energy bills. For example, if your ducts aren’t properly insulated, you’re likely losing some of your cooled air. This is often remedied with some additional insulation, which is a quick and simple repair. Along those same lines, even a slight mechanical issue could create inefficiencies in your cooling system. These may increase your energy bills only by about $25 a month, but over the course of a year, those extra costs add up.

You Can Prevent Major Repairs

Most homeowners don’t spend much time thinking about their air conditioners until there’s a problem, and that’s another reason why annual HVAC maintenance is important for saving you money. When a knowledgeable and experienced HVAC technician takes the time to go over each component in your system, he or she can pinpoint potential problem areas long before they cause problems. Things like blower motors and compressor units are expensive to replace, and in many cases, they’re nearly as expensive to repair. When you schedule annual HVAC maintenance, it’s possible to prevent these issues in the first place, thereby saving thousands over the course of your unit’s lifetime.

Get Valuable Advice during Annual HVAC Maintenance

HVAC technicians can do far more than simply inspect your system for potential trouble; they can even provide you with valuable advice during your annual HVAC maintenance calls. For example, if there’s a “hot spot” in your house and you can’t seem to figure out why, it’s often caused by something as simple as a clogged register, an incorrect thermostat setting, or even issues with dampers that control certain zones in your home. Often, the technician can help you resolve these issues within a matter of minutes, and the best part is that they’ll answer your questions for you free of charge while they’re in your home performing the inspection.

You’ll Know When it’s Time to Replace Your System

If you have an older air conditioner that still seems to be keeping you comfortable, there’s always a chance that you could save money by investing in a newer, more efficient model. During an annual HVAC maintenance call, these technicians will inspect every part of your system for wear, tear, and inefficiency. If he or she believes that you may save money with a new system, there’s reason to consider it. In cases like this, switching an old, inefficient model for a newer one can pay for itself in a couple years with reduced energy costs.

Annual HVAC maintenance calls are very important. In fact, it’s the best thing you can do to make sure your family stays comfortable all year. You can even decrease the odds of major component failure. You’ll be able to get small problems resolved before they become bigger ones, and you’ll get some valuable advice on how to get the most out of your cooling system for the least amount of money.

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