How to Stay Warm during a Power Outage

Mother Nature can be a bit testy when it comes to the weather in Florida. One minute, it might be 70 degrees and sunny; the next, it could be storming and 45 degrees. If there’s a power outage during a cold snap, this can certainly cause problems. Here, you’ll learn some tips and tricks on how to stay warm during a power outage.

Stay in One Room

Though it might get a little cramped and crowded, it’s much easier for you to try and keep a single room warm than your entire home. In fact, with a little preparation, you can stay relatively toasty.

  • Put rugs, towels, and blankets on the floors. A few extra layers of insulation between you and the cold floor will help you stay more comfortable.
  • Plug up any air leaks in the room. This might involve hanging up shower curtains over the windows and even placing a rolled towel at the bottom of the entry door to the room.
  • Consider pitching a tent. A tent creates an even more confined space that will trap more heat. This is a great idea for sleeping, especially.

Dress Appropriately

When you can’t use your heating system, learning how to stay warm during a power outage can be quite the trick. Fortunately, by simply dressing yourself appropriately, you can stay quite comfortable. Wear layers if you can, and above all else, keep your head, hands, and feet as warm as possible. Double up on the socks and mittens, and wear a nice, warm hat. This will help trap more of your body heat and keep you warmer for a longer time. Blankets are also excellent ways to retain body heat, so be sure to pile them on.

Use Fuel-Fired Heaters (Carefully)

Each year, thousands of people are injured or even killed due to the use of heaters fired by LP gas or kerosene. Not only is there an open flame, which can start a fire, but the fumes can be dangerous – as can the resulting carbon monoxide gas. If you must use a fuel-fired heater, be sure you’ve ventilated the room properly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember, too, that not all heaters are appropriately rated for indoor use, so check your owner’s manual and follow the instructions to the letter.

Use a Generator

Learning how to stay warm during a power outage might seem tricky, but having a generator set aside for just such an occurrence is always a great idea. These generators are usually fueled by gasoline, and they allow you to utilize one or more appliances designed to keep you warm. For example, a generator could very well save the day if you move into a single room by allowing you to power a space heater. Just remember that burning gasoline creates carbon monoxide, too, so you absolutely must be sure to ventilate the generator appropriately.

Learning how to stay warm during a power outage isn’t difficult. By simply using your heaters and generators carefully, dressing for the weather, and staying in one room, it is possible to keep your family safe and warm during a power outage.

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